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Image of Fornasetti accessory for the table unisex
Eur 250.00
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Image of Fornasetti container unisex

Fornasetti container unisex

The image adorning this box is the bewitching face of opera singer and muse Lina Cavalieri in the guise of the mythological goddess of fertility, the colourful Flora. The famous Fornasetti butterflies make this exclusive even more precious and...

Eur 480.00
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Image of Fornasetti oblong scarf unisex

Fornasetti oblong scarf unisex

Scarf decorated with a floral variation of the iconic Fornasetti face, which peeks out from a tangle of hydrangeas

Eur 395.00
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Image of Fornasetti small object unisex
Eur 60.00
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