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Image of Fornasetti candle

Fornasetti candle

living room

Eur 460.00
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Image of Fornasetti container

Fornasetti container

Briarwood chess set, complete with pieces for chess and draughts. The playing surface is printed and lacquered by hand; the reverse doubles as the lid to the set, and features a witty variant of the “Tema e Variazioni” theme, inspired by the visage...

Eur 952.00
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Image of Fornasetti small table

Fornasetti small table

living room, logo

Eur 2104.00
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Image of Fornasetti tray

Fornasetti tray

Rectangular tray that has been printed, varnished and painted by hand. The “Ultime Notizie” decoration depicts butterflies that sit on numerous newspaper cuttings. This is one of the most classic and recurring motifs of Fornasetti’s production....

Eur 1102.00
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